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We believe that prompt and precise consultancy plays a crucial role in disputes prevention along with close and constant partnership with company management.   MC Consulting provide services in various aspects of business, industry and real estate not only in-depth but also creative legal and advisory services designed to meet and to aid our clients [...]


MC Consulting professionals provide accounting services and full assistance in the precise maintenance of books of account and the respective preparation of financial statements as required by the Bulgarian fiscal and revenue authorities.   We are skilled to work and communicate with international partners and we do prepare as well financial reports due to specific [...]


We provide investment management consulting services to growth orientated international and local companies who aim to develop and identify various businesses opportunities in order to implement and establish congruous business models through multinational ventures and collaborations.   MC Consulting distinguishes with its close approach to its clients, with careful study of their dossiers which became [...]


We aspire to help our clients finding new ideas and opportunities to work out their everyday and most challenging problems and in the mean time to create lasting value. Our structure allows us to devote our talents to meet the specific business model and needs of our clients in each sector. We are highly familiar [...]

About Us

MC Consulting Ltd has been operational in the Eastern European region since 2005. We provide services to foreign and local investors facilitating a variety of business processes thoughout all stages of their activity in the region from strarting up a company to growth and expansion of their business.


Our experience and knowledge of the local market as well as the international network of trusted partners we have developed over the years enable us to help our clients identify business opportunities, manage business risks and successfully implement their projects.


MC Consulting Ltd offers tailored solutions and assistance to investors working in a wide scope of areas such as industrial and civil construction, energy & utilities, real estate and others.
Strategically located in the heart of the Balkans – Sofia, we aim at being a reference point for companies intending to invest and work in this dynamic and rapidly developping region.


MC Consulting Ltd offers a vast area of services for the industrial and sale projects to be carried out in Eastern Europe making use of its strategic position situated in the heart of the Balkans – Sofia.